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Experience the power of Contract-Driven Development to confidently develop and independently deploy your Microservices and Microfrontends faster

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Why Choose Specmatic?

Shift left and  kill integration tests by leveraging API specifications as executable contracts to identify compatibility issues between your microservices early in your development cycle

Increased Pace

Embrace parallel development, slash cycle times and deliver products to market faster than ever before.

Enhanced Confidence

Integration issues are minimized as the project goes through integration testing, ensuring a smoother and more robust and efficient process.

Promote Collaboration in your Teams

Keep your front and backend teams in sync easily by collaborating on API designs and specifications.

Transform API Specifications into
Executable Contracts


Contract as Test

Turn your API Specification into tests fast and for free (no-code) and run them against your Services to identify integration issues early.


Contract as Stub

No more stale stubs. Specmatic’s “Intelligent Service Virtualization” verifies your expecations / stub responses against your API Specifications.


Backward Compatibility

Identify backward incompatible changes just by comparing two versions of your API Specifications with our unique “no-code” approach.

See Specmatic in Action

Unleash the Potential of API Specifications
with Specmatic


All capabilities of Specmatic are designed with a No-Code approach in mind

Multiple Protocols

HTTP, Kafka, SOAP, JMS, Redis, DB mocks and more

Platform Independent

Use the command line to integrate with any environment

Language Agnostic

Specmatic is Programming Language agnostic since it is working at the API level

Proxy Mode

Intelligent Service Virtualization lets you stub select endpoints and pass other requests through to a real Provider / service

Capture API Specifications

Capture your traffic and convert it into API Specifications

API Resilience Testing

Verify boundary conditions in your API implementations without writing a single line of code

Woven into your CI Pipelines

Trigger Provider and Consumer CI builds when API specifications change

Import your APIs

Use Postman Collections or Specmatic’s proxy to create API Specifications

API Coverage Reports

Easily identify mismatches between your specs and implementation

Database stubbing

Isolate your applications from their database dependencies with JDBC & Redis stubbing

AI Generated Examples

Automatically generate examples for your tests powered by GPT-4

Introducing Specmatic IDE Plugins

Bringing the power of Specmatic to your favourite editor

An interactive UI takes care of your configurations for running contract tests and remembers your settings for future tests.

Unlock the power of AI to automatically generate examples and test data for your OpenAPI specifications with GPT-4.

Visual Studio Code

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IntelliJ IDEA

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Dive deep into your services with Specmatic Insights

Unlock insights into your microservices, track dependencies and spot problems early.

Specmatic Insights aggregates Specmatic reports from various environments such as your CI/CD pipelines. It visualizes how your organization’s microservices talk to each other and offers actionable insights

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Harness API Specifications as Executable Contracts

Specmatic supercharges your API Specifications by leveraging them as “Executable Contracts”. Specmatic does this by

Intelligent Service Virtualization

Allows Consumer Application Development and Testing to progress independent of the Provider Application

API Specifications as Contract Tests

Generates Tests based on the API Specification File without you having to write any code

Contract as Test

Tests for Free – Specmatic parses your API Specification files and based on this generates requests which are fired at your application. It then verifies if your application’s response is as per your API Specification. All this with a “No Code” approach.

Positive Tests

Verify if the API implementation meets basic criteria as per your API Specification

Negative Tests

Verify boundary conditions to identify error handling, unexpected behaviour, etc.

A diagram illustrating the contracted connections between servers.
A diagram illustrating contract as stub

Contract as Stub

A component test setup should be able to isolate the “System Under Test” from its dependencies. Intelligent Service Virtuatlization enables you to achieve this by truly emulating the dependencies.

Intelligent Service Virtualization

Allows Consumer Application Development and Testing to progress independent of the Provider Application

Static and Dynamic Stubbing

Expectations can be set either at startup or dynamically at runtime (for workflow testing) through a http endpoint

Backward Compatibility

As API Specifcation authors / API designers it is important for us understand if our changes to existing APIs can break compatibility with existing API Consumers / Clients.

Specmatic can perform “Contract vs Contract” testing between two versions of your API Specification file and provide accurate results about backward compatibility breaking changes. Since this is a completely “No Code” capability, you do not have to write any code on the API Client or Service Applications.
No-code backwards compatibility checks
A diagram illustrating the contract-driven development process

Treat Contract as Code

Specmatic and Contract Driven Development promotes treating your API Specifications as code and storing them in a Version Control System where they truly belong.

Central Contract Repo

The “Single Source of Truth” for all your API Specifications so that stakeholders across the organization are on the same page.

Pull/Merge Request based Collaboration

Specmatic can help you identify backward compatibility breaking changes automatically as part of your pre-merge checks so that you can focus on API Design

Case Study

See how one organisation used Contract Driven Development to cut time to market in half and dramatically improved their code quality!

  • Implemented Contract Testing
  • Centralised contract repository
  •  Created DB test stub from live server
  • Auto-generated OpenAPI specs from live services

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