A hand points at an API icon during a real-world adoption journey of contract-driven development.

Contract-Driven Development – a Real-World Adoption Journey

Testing contract compatibility between components independently and early in the SDLC has become necessary for effective microservices integration. Contract-driven development makes for a compelling option to address this problem by leveraging API specifications as executable contracts.

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An image of a woman experiencing microservices integration hell

[Contract Driven Development – Post 2] Integration Hell

Integration Tests require the actual components/microservices to be deployed to a common environment. Because of this integration tests are able to verify the connections between these microservices which was never verified until this point since ...
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API mocks

[Contract Driven Development – Post 1] – The trouble with API mocks and stubs

Over the last 6-7 years, I’ve studied several microservices architecture transformations. What I’ve realised is a lot of them are not bearing the returns the stakeholders were expecting. Many organisations were expecting that they would ...
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A group of people integrating microservices using contract-driven development.

Microservices Integration Done Right Using Contract-Driven Development

Contract Driven Development helps us leverage API specifications as executable contracts using Specmatic to shift left the identification of compatibility issues thereby eliminating / reducing the need for integration tests.
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