Comparison of Specmatic and Spring Cloud Contract.

Comparison: Specmatic vs Spring Cloud Contract

This is the third post in our series where we compare Specmatic with tools that have some overlap in terms of capabilities. In our previous posts we compared Specmatic with Pact and WireMock. In this post we will be looking at Spring Cloud Contract.

With Spring Cloud Contract we can start by authoring the API contract in one of the supported DSLs, based on which the provider / producer is verified and in the process stubs are generated for consumers. This makes it possible to leverage it as both a “consumer driven” or “provider driven” contract testing tool. There are also some interesting points about how we share contracts and stubs (through artifact managers, source control, etc.) with Spring Cloud Contract. Let us look at the detailed comparison between Specmatic and Spring Cloud Contract. Please do leave a comment if there are other areas of comparison on which you would like to see additional details.