Specmatic vs Wiremock comparison

Comparison: Specmatic vs WireMock

This is the second post in our series where we compare Specmatic with tools that have some overlap in terms of capabilities. In our previous post we compared Specmatic and Pact. In this post we will be looking at WireMock.

We often need to mock APIs (both internal and external) to isolate the system under test or development so that we can make progress independent of dependencies. WireMock is a great tool if your goal is to just mock APIs. However API mocking is only effective if the mocks are truly representative of the provider / services they are emulating. Deviations between mocks and providers can lead to integration issues much later in the development cycle. In order to avoid such issues it is important to keep in mind that selecting an API mocking tool is not an isolated decision. It has to be in line with your overall microservices development, testing and deployment goals.

WireMock is an API Mocking tool and Specmatic is a Contract Driven Development tool that leverages API mocking (Smart Mocks) to identify contract compatibility issues in Consumers of an API. So this is not an apples to apples comparison. We are only going to look at a subset of capabilities where there are overlaps between Specmatic and WireMock. However if you believe we have missed any aspects in this comparison, please do leave us a comment.

Specmatic vs Wiremock