GOTO Copenhagen: 10x DevEx: Shift-left API Governance = CycleTime/2

Presenter: Naresh Jain Hari Krishnan
Event: GOTO Copenhagen
Location: Denmark

Presentation summary

This real-world experience report will share a set of transformative strategies that helped us elevate our DevEx by an order of magnitude, while simultaneously helping us shorten our cycle times by 50%.

We delve into the principles of “shift-left” API governance, a proactive approach that integrates governance early in the development cycle, ensuring faster, more secure, and compliant API integrations. By starting with a collaborative API Design first approach followed by contract testing in service provider’s CI pipeline, teams can identify and mitigate risks sooner, streamline workflows, and foster a culture of collaboration, accountability and innovation. This helps them unlock unprecedented developer productivity and accelerate their release cycles.





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